Why Are Prepaid Phone Cards Better Than Your Mobile Service Provider?

The world is now more interconnected than it ever was. International calls and long distance calls are now an absolute necessity. These are the only options that allow individuals staying abroad to stay in touch with their family. For making long distance calls and international calls, you can either acquire a cell phone contract from a mobile service provider (MSP) or you can make calls using a prepaid phone card .

Although cell phone contracts have their own benefits, there are many reasons why a prepaid phone card is better than a mobile service provider contract. Here are a few of the most important reasons why prepaid phone cards are better than MSPs:

  1. The cell phone contracts of mobile service providers are generally binding in terms and they are too lengthy as well. When it comes to prepaid phone cards, they offer different durations and an individual can opt for these cards according to his needs. If you are ready to commit for a really long time, you can go for mobile service providers, but if you generally prefer having various options, then choose prepaid phone cards.
  2. The contracts of mobile service providers are materialistic. In case there are extra minutes left in the end of the contract, these minutes aren’t reimbursed, and the connection is cut off. When it comes to prepaid phone cards, the cards have a set expiry date, which the customer is aware about and he has to use the card within that deadline.
  3. There’s no option to recharge if you opt for mobile service provider. They expire as soon as the specific minutes allotted get over. Prepaid phone cards, on the other hand, are easily rechargeable. You can use them through local access numbers also if you want to avail a little lower rates. This helps during times of uncertainty of running out of talk time during urgent calls or discussions as you can recharge easily.
  4. Mobile service provider contracts are only available at retail stores, which make it difficult for you to avail various discounts that are available for all online purchases. Prepaid phone cards, on the other hand, are available to be purchased online. Therefore, you can avail a number of discounts, which are not there for mobile providers.
  5. Prepaid phone cards can be purchased by international residents who haven’t yet set up a local residence. For mobile service providers, you need an actual residence proof before you can actually get a contract, but prepaid phone cards are available at your home country’s address as well.
  6. Prepaid cards have easy plans for international calling and the international calling rates aren’t that high either. Only a few mobile service providers have this feature and they are really expensive if added in the contract.

With all these benefits, it is clear that you should pick a prepaid phone card over a mobile service provider. Therefore, if you have a lot of international and long distance calls to make, you should go ahead and get a prepaid phone card soon.