Digital World of Synchronization

Today in this digital world, everything has become digital from job resume to your personal financial bills. To run this we need a good email managers and to match with this digital world, we required something which good in every aspect that are functionality, speed, safety and many other parameters. This requirement can be filled with to two most popular email manager that are outlook and Google.

Here are advantages for both the email managers:-


  • It is internet platform which mean it can accessible from anywhere in world with just a help of internet.
  • Documents and file can be shared easily and with any one.
  • Calendar is one of the best features of Google.
  • Translator of Google helps the user to translate any unfamiliar language to its comfortable one.

Limitations of Google are limitation of data size to just 10 GB, a uninterrupted internet connection is mandatory, and their a big negative feature for low confidentiality of information


  • it has a simple, useful and user-friendly interface, which make user to use it easily.
  • If by mistake a data is deleted, it can be restored using its recycle bin feature.
  • It has a high level of security which make user dependent to use it for financial records.
  • Multiple email account and calendars can be created.

Here is the profit of syncing Google with outlook

  • You can use easily use Google account with continuing using outlook at the same time.
  • Calendar of outlook with Google helps to manage the events easily.

Syncing of Google and outlook can bedone by the tool gSyncing. Program can be run on various windows version outlook 2016 2013 or even 2003. Why to use a single platform when syncing two can give you more functionality, safety and speed at a same time. So use a tool gsyncing and enjoy the features with hassle- free.