Top 5 Reasons To Have A Weather App On Your Smartphone

Nowadays,a lot of variations are being witnessed in weather. We can’t predict how the weather is going to be in next few days. Weather app will give you access to the latest forecast and millions of people are using it on their phone. The application will help you to plan your day, and you can remain one step ahead of the weather when you are out.

Weather related appsare gaining popularity for both iOS and Android smartphones. These applications allow you to add multiple locations and time you may switch on to different countries to know the forecast.

There are social-media-friendly apps that help you to share weather updates on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.Numerous apps are available in the market; however, the finest among them is the WeatherBug.

5 Reasons to have a Weather App on your Smartphone

  1. Get daily and hourly forecast –Weather applications comes with standard feature offering you hourly forecast. You will get correct information whether it’s going to rain in next few hours or not. The application will remain well designed showing you daily forecast.
  2. It shows current temperature in your city –The app will show you the current temperature in the city you live along with the forecast for tomorrow. By swiping on the widget, you can view the temperature for multiple locations. If you are residing in India, there are many applications available that shows the current temperature in various cities of India. It informs the level of humidity in your area and tells you whether the sky is clear or not.
  3. Go through weekly weather forecast –If you are planning a picnic or outing with your family, you will need to know how the weather would be for that particular location. Within one simple click, you will get theweather forecast for a week. The app will tell you the kind of weather condition you must expect in the city through the week.It will give you an idea what all dresses you need to pack for your trip.
  4. Read latest weather news across the country –Most applications feature providing latest weather news across the country. Read the news and analyze them to understanding changing weather activities. It allows you to read global weather news on your phone. If you are traveling out of the country, you can pack your bag according to the weather forecast.
  5. Use multilingual weather application –There are applications that give you weather update in 8 different languages. It includes English and regional languages. Only a double tap is required to switch from one language to another. You may watch videos in your preferred language. The videos cover national weather report.

There are numbers of weather applications available for a different operating system which can be downloaded for free. The app tries to improve the overall experience for users. You can expect interesting features like pushup notifications, improved user interface, and regular updates soon.