Top Content Marketing Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Content marketing is one of the most crucial part of promoting an online business. And there is a good reason behind it. This article basically enlists 5 top content marketing WordPress plugins to boost your content marketing efforts.

  1. WordPress SEO :

Google is the biggest source of driving traffic for most of the bloggers out there. The plugin makes sure that your content performs best on the search engine result pages to make that happen. Generally, it allows you to make your website search engine optimized. Moreover, it also comes with a tool that analyzes your content not only for bot, but for humans as well. The major features included with the plugin are OG integration, XML Sitemap, Twitter Card, GMT integration, etc.

  1. Edit Flow :

Do you get messed up often while planning a proper content marketing strategy or are you looking for a simpler way to manage your content? Edit Flow is your savior here. It is one of the best WordPress plugin to manage your editorial workflow. It not only lets you assign custom post status but also lets you leave specific editorial notes on the posts that are still in progress. Now many of you might be wondering what if I am the only one author, well, the plugin can surely help you with your own workflow as well.

  1. Word Stats :

This amazing WordPress plugin provides you multiple tools that can play an important role in improving your website content quality. The best about this plugin is the reporting facility that lets you analyze any content based on the author and provides information like post count, top 20 keywords and what not. Moreover, it also provides a diagnostic table that links to old as well as new posts that require your attention. Content is the king, they say and the phrases is not at all wrong. So let the plugin guide you with how you can craft content which is more liked by your readers and search engines.

  1. Tickera :

Do you want to sell tickets on your website, while also want to deliver to buyers digitally? Well, Tickera plugin is what you need. When you use the plugin to sell event tickets, you are basically setting up your own hosted solution where you can easily control the profits without needing to send a specific cut to the third party.

  1. My Curator :

This is your best friend if you are interested in content marketing. The plugin saves your efforts by providing trendy, interesting and helpful content everyday. The plugin not only segments your articles based on category but can also filter put the spam. Along with sending articles for you, it adds attribution pictures and links as well. While curation for one topic is absolutely free, but for extra topics you have to go for the premium plan.

So friends, these are my favorite plugins for content marketing. Which one are yours? Mention in the comments below.