Hip Consumer Demand Gives Rise to Custom Cannabis Products

The new cannabis culture that has emerged from the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana has become varied, more dynamic as a new generation of consumers enters the market. Now businesses are deviating from the usual product offerings and exploring more upscale selections that include couture and high-end products, as well as artisanal items in order to satisfy different consumer niches.

Just a sample of the new cannabis demographic, a consumer report indicated that millennials account for the largest group of legal recreational product users at 20.39 percent. However, at statewide levels, the numbers often vary. In California, for example, which has one of the biggest markets for medicinal and recreational cannabis, consumers are spread out across generations and spending increases as consumers age.

Cannabis Connoisseur Products

As current trends show, there has been a decline in traditional dried marijuana and an increase in more expensive forms of the product such as edibles and concentrates. Marketing the product has also gone upscale as businesses compete for a share of the economic pie.

Moreover, a niche market has emerged from the regular consumer demographic. Unlike regular consumers, this group demands the full experience of imbibing only high-quality cannabis products made from premium extracts. This is where the expertise of the cannabis connoisseur is much coveted. As an offshoot of the increasing demand for high-quality experiences, the connoisseur has acquired the skill to identify premium grade cannabis products and offers the expertise to consumers.

Artisanal Items

The art of glassblowing and lampworking has become more popular with the surge in popularity of cannabis culture. Cannabis related trinkets have gone artisanal as consumers seek one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their collection. Businesses such as CloudCultureStore have entered the market introducing artist-made glass products that serve more than a functional purpose. These artistic creations, which includes rigs and pipes, can be displayed for other connoisseurs to admire.

Delivery Right at Your Doorstep

Luxury cannabis products can be delivered right to a consumer’s doorstep with transport services sprouting in areas where the product is legal. Before cannabis legalization in many states and jurisdictions, there was no other way but to procure the product through the so-called “illicit market.” Now online applications are available or in development to guarantee deliveries to consumers.

One of these delivery channels, Eaze, caters mainly to medicinal marijuana consumers. The business, which has been compared to the ubiquitous transport service Uber, has an online platform that allows customers to procure and schedule their delivery.

Industries thrive or decline due to a number of factors. As a consumer-driven industry, the legal cannabis market, which used to be underground, has moved toward more upscale customized products as cultivation and manufacturing go mainstream with legalization. After moving from the illicit to the mainstream economy, entrepreneurs are now venturing into manufacturing quality premium cannabis products that are marketed for high-end customers. Consumption has gone artisanal with the increasing number of handcrafted trinkets or even technology infused devices built for the discriminating consumer.