Time for A Website SEO Audit?

SEO. We’ve all heard the term and we know that SEO is important. If no one can see that you exist, how can they utilise your skills or purchase your products?

SEO has become such a common term that it can sometimes be neglected.

Does your online presence need work and would a spring clean website SEO audit prove beneficial? The answer to both questions is yes, unless you have a UK SEO company or digital marketing agency working dedicatedly on your behalf to maximise SEO potential.

Improving your enterprise’s visibility has no negative ramifications. SEO complacency and bad practices are harmful though.

Regular website SEO audits strengthen

As much as it’s appreciated that time is money and that every day brings its own pressures, SEO should be attended to at least once a month. Give the search engine spiders something to work with.

If this means hiring a UK SEO company , a digital marketing agency or tasking one of your team, so be it. Just don’t let your SEO fall below the radar.

Keywords and links

With search engine optimisation, a primary tool is to use keywords. These aren’t necessarily the search terms that you, as the business, would use. Search terms which generate visibility on page one are the phrases that untrained clients, with no jargon at their disposal, type in to find a solution to their problem. The website should use a variety of terms so that more matches are generated and SEO is at optimum levels.

For example, tyre specialists in Thatcham could be changed to tyre firms in Thatcham, tyre company in Thatcham, tyre providers in Thatcham, and so on.

Google Adwords is an impressive keyword tool that shows the most popular search terms.

UK SEO company specialists appreciate the need to keep spiders happy.

This means that uploading pages of keywords instead of valid pages of content like articles, blogs and news is counterproductive.

A non-expert often assumes that pages filled with keywords alone will improve their SEO wonderfully. Not so.

Spiders can spot a trick and they penalise you for it. Google, Bing and other search engines are technologically advanced and so they can’t be fooled. A digital marketing agency like The Wysi Partnership in Berkshire would never recommend using “cheats.” They don’t work. That’s why experts post articles and informative online content that features keywords but isn’t swamped by them.

Metadata and content are looked at by spiders. They also like to see “link juice.”

Links to worthwhile and related websites are a key weapon in your SEO armoury. The links need to be valid, not a plethora of links to random addresses. Link juice is good, spam isn’t.

Myth – Overnight SEO.

UK SEO company professionals organise a campaign over months not days. The SEO can only improve if the right, gradual approach is used. Any digital marketing agency that promises overnight brilliance is not being transparent about their operations. They’d need to be able to work miracles, that’s not normally in the skill set!