3 Tips for Better Mobile Game User Acquisition

Developing a fun mobile game is just a half the battle in today’s competitive mobile marketing landscape. What really matters is to grow a loyal fan base around your mobile game with a reasonable budget. However, mobile games genre on App stores is the toughest category to hold on higher app rankings especially for indie game developers. It takes enormous effort and money to climb up top rankings. To begin with, you need to be fully equipped with app marketing knowledge for the best.

A successful mobile user acquisition strategy has 3 crucial pillars; advanced targeting, proactive marketing and perfect outcome monitoring. Fortunately, this post will help you on mentioned topics with highlighting what is best for acquiring mobile game users with giving actionable tips and specific examples.

  • Find Your Audience

Advanced targeting begins with knowing your potential users’ preferences and needs which enable you to target specific audience for the best results. Shortcut is creating your small experiment group by targeting desired demographic with a small mobile advertising campaign . You can monitor acquired users’ behaviors in your app with measuring retention and purchase rates to find out which is your high value user’s profile. Long route is to analyze competitor apps, which are successful in acquiring loyal users, to see where they’re investing the most effort. Also, you can find one of your successful competitor app’s developers or marketing manager to contact directly with email, InMail etc. or you can find them in social media platforms to gain insight. For example, you can send answer request to your question to experienced game developers in Quora or dig into forums, blogs and case studies.

  • Utilize all possible marketing channels

After defining your buyer persona, you should focus on the whole funnel that begins with App Store Optimization, social media presence or in app marketing tactics to acquire organic downloads. Using social media is one of the best way to market your app that gives your app a massive number of downloads with a low budget if they used right. It is not impossible to use each channel actively but it’s mostly recommend to pick one or two social media platforms to get the best out of it. Facebook ads are unequivocally the most cost effective tool for targeted advertising. It allows you to reach specific potentials users by its advanced targeting options with low budgets. Instagram ads are also providing the same targeting features but in different formats.

  • Always Look Beyond Installs

After you get the desired number of installs, you should always go beyond the last click to measure their quality which can be measured by monitoring user behaviors in your game. Measuring results of marketing campaigns enables you to find out the desired target audience and most efficient marketing channels which are providing quality traffic. With knowing these two info, you can reduce the cost of acquiring high value users dramatically to win the mobile game user acquisition battle.