Solution that keeps your data saved

If you are a business owner then you might also want to take the benefit of new creative applications and you cannot wait more to get off from the tired legacy systems. But it is not that easy to throw away the old application and start working with the new application. If you want to have application software that deals in storing your content that you don’t need currently but want to save it then you can need a right archiving solution that will have the necessary capabilities. So, to install this solution and its functions you can check out the main product page where you will get the detailed information about the solution.

Some features that your archiving solution must have

  • Authorized access – you don’t want an open access to the content that you have archived. A good archiving solution allows you to define authorization and approach policies by their role so that only the people who have right permission can approach the content and perform functions on it. Auditing should always be in the right place to record when someone approaches the content and what actions they are performing on that content.
  • Retention management – an archive application enables you to move idle content out of the production environment and make sure the retention policies that have to be actively followed and applied. Your solution of archiving files provides you the ability to describe retention policies so when the fresh content is archived, the policies are applied automatically that depends upon the kind of record.

The archiving solution also supports litigation hold making sure that the tracks are determined not destroyed for the legal hold and also cannot be altered until solution for the proper action is found.

  • Report formation – once the matter is archived, then you will need a path to account on it regularly. The reports can tell you about the content storing and the policies that are applied. You can also be able to describe reports that tell you about the content for disposition, location of the content in the system and all the activities on the content.