The Tekmetric Shop Management System Combines Technology with Convenience

Tekmetric is a shop management system that allows auto shops to run their operations more efficiently. The all-in-one platform of the software program makes it easier to manage digital vehicle inspections, customer information and other important data with less hassle. Tekmetric does not require any expensive server hardware to maintain and is accessible from any device that has internet connection.

A Paperless Alternative

Papers are often more difficult to sort and organize and can often get lost in the shuffle. Thanks to Tekmetric, a lot of the paperwork can be eliminated, which can save shops both time and money. This shop management system is accessible online and can store all data without the need of file cabinets or boxes.

Workflow Management

The workflow of auto shops can be greatly improved with the use of Tekmetric. The system’s Job Board shows estimates, repair orders and work that has been completed in an all-inclusive format. This allows shops to stay on top of important tasks and move through each work day in a more organized fashion.

Appointment Scheduling

Tekmetric offers a much easier way to schedule appointments. Whether a customer wishes to bring their vehicle in for a digital vehicle inspection or some other service, this program is useful for scheduling appointments in a much simpler format. Appointment cancellations can also be managed more effectively with this system.

Estimates and Repair Orders

Repair orders can be created quickly with this program and include all the important information in a format that’s easy to read and comprehend. Tekmetric also makes it possible to write up detailed estimates to show customers before their repair work is started. The number of repair orders and estimates that can be created is limitless.

Fee Management

Parts and labor rates are easier to set and keep track of when Tekmetric is used. The program can also be used to monitor the overhead costs that need to be paid to keep the auto shop running. Job profitability can be measured instantly as well.

Hassle-Free Messaging

As a courtesy to customers, shop managers can send emails and text messages with Tekmetric. These messages can include job statuses, estimates and invoices. Special deals and service promotions can also be sent to customers’ inboxes.

Multiple Users

Tekmetric gives access to auto shops with multiple employees so that all authorized staff members can take advantage of the system’s features. Authorized users can be added or omitted with no trouble at all. This is especially beneficial for shops that have multiple locations.

Topnotch Security

Users of the Tekmetric shop management system won’t have to worry about their security being compromised. This program has built-in security features that can keep all information safe and out of the hands of hackers.

Tekmetric is the answer that many auto shops have been looking for and is one of the most trusted programs on the market. The features that are included with this state-of-the-art shop management system are intended to help revolutionize the auto repair industry and be advantageous for both shop owners and customers.