Hubspot Marketing – Be Seen, Sell More, Get Mobile

Hubspot marketing is all about being seen online and by achieving that, boosting sales. While many companies will spend a lot of time and money investing in website development , they often overlook the importance of ensuring it is just as good on mobile devices. Without doubt, it’s a mobile world. The latest google stats indicate more than 50% of people looking for local services and products will use their mobile to find them. Overall, twenty percent of google searches are from mobile devices and around 25% of the world’s population exclusively use their mobile to find what they need. Indeed, the most interesting statistics of all indicate that just over sixty percent will opt for the brand that provides the best experience on their mobile device – Bottom line? If your website is not “doing the business”, neither will your company.

Is Your Website Measuring Up?

If your website is more than a few years old the chances are it is not measuring up to Google’s mobile standards – Even if you had the foresight to ensure the design was responsive. It is important to understand the difference between basic responsive designs and optimised mobile design. The easiest and best way to check how your site measures up is to carry out a Mobile SEO audit. Google has tools available to do this. However, if you are not savvied enough to understand what the results mean, bringing in the professionals is the solution. Not only can they run the tests correctly, they can put all the results together and carry out the changes that will provide the best results.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing

Hubspot inbound marketing improves sales by providing content that meets the needs of your customers: When people find quality content it builds trust and credibility, and this is vital when it comes to improving sales. However, if your website is not providing a good user experience then you will be losing out. The scenario is simple. They read your great content, feel good about trusting your company and then it all goes wrong. Why? Simply because they cannot navigate your website on their mobile with ease. Without doubt, optimising your website will remove this problem and improve your Hubspot marketing ROI.

Certified Help

The Hubspot CMS combines content and context for the potential customers viewing your blog, website and landing pages. There are website development and SEO companies who are certified Hubspot partners. With these companies, you can be full assured they completely understand what and how things need to be done to make the most of Hubspot’s CMS, as well as optimising your website to the fullest. With the stats indicating that more and more people are using their mobiles to search the web, it will pay to get your site Mobile and turn your website into a powerhouse hub.