Stanhope-Seta: Products Quality Tests Solution

Stanhope seta is a worldwide company that design and manufacture LABORATORY INSTRUMENTS. The equipment is used to measure the physical characteristics such as viscosity, vapour pressure, contaminants and flash point of products in order to determine their consistency and quality. Seta has dominated the industry by producing more than one hundred instruments since it started its services. Their tools are of high quality and are reliable when carrying out tests.

Are you interested to know some of Seta’s products? Well, have a close look at the following equipment and their appropriate use.

  • Setsflash Series 8- This equipment is used to test for the flash point.
  • Setavap2- The vapour pressure of crude oil need to be tested before processing, storage, and distribution. Besides that, the potential evaporation rate of these volatile liquids must be examined. Setavap2 works best in measuring the vapour pressure.
  • Seta Oil Test Centrifuge- It is used in testing the quality of crude oil. Higher quality of the crude oil increases its value in the market.
  • Seta AvCount Lite- Particle counting is essential in determining the quality of different elements such as fuels, liquids and lubricants. Seta AvCount Lite measures the distribution, size and number of particles in a sample to determine its purity and suitability for the planned application.
  • Jet Fuel Handheld Conductivity Meter- It is used to measure fuel conductivity. Spark discharge may arise due to the high static electrical charge accumulation leading to ignition of explosive vapours. The meter will help in measuring the conductivity of the fuels.

The Stanhope seta products have proved to be essential in many industries including food, transport, cosmetic, petrochemical and pharmaceutical. The company is dedicated to developing new instruments that will meet the customer needs as well as provide the best levels of product quality tests. Seta is an international benchmark for top quality instruments.