The Importance of Security Automation and Orchestration

To understand Security Automation and Orchestration better, let’s break them up to each word to find the precise meaning. First off, Security means to secure your data. Security is the main aspect of a computer system and computer companies right now. Without users feeling secure, there will be no users left. Automation means to let your computer or machine do tasks for you. For example, you have certain tasks you need to take care of every day; you automate your computer to do it for you. Lastly, Orchestration is by combining all the components created together. They need to be compatible since they will be expected to process together. Overall, security automation and orchestration is simply paving the way for automated security tasks that can be completed in a faster time than it usually does manually. But at the same time, the security of the processes is high and completely secure. Thus providing the best need any cyber security professional will need to complete out their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Why is it needed?

Knowledge will then increase between computers and professionals are the automated is being created and processed. However, the professional will always be the main decision maker when it comes to handling these tasks.

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It was created due to the amateur mistakes made when doing daily tasks. Since they were completed every single, it may get to the professional’s brain in one way or another, thus causing them to make a small mistake. When it is automated, the professional is relaxed and the best part is no mistakes! At times, the automated could actually be faster than the qualifications you met when doing the daily tasks of yours. You can prioritize anything so that the automation can understand that this task needs to be completed first. Or you can choose the order you want and expect it to run and complete them in that order every day.


CyberBit currently offers the newest and improved type of security automation and orchestration. The best part is you can combine data with it now and it would still have 90% reduction in time! It is called the SOC 3D and it contains many qualifications. A few are represented below.

1) Reduction in response time: the time needed to complete a task is reduced by 90%. The best part is you can even automate how to send emails and gather threat intelligence.

2) Fewer Escalations: the reduction of escalation is 50%, which lets 3 analysts focus on their tasks at hand. They can also automate to investigate any means that they believe is a threat.

3) Efficient: Since SOC 3D allows you not only to automate and orchestrate, you can always into data. However, the data will be available at all times, in case it is needed at any moment. This is an important aspect so that professionals do not become late or take up a lot of time just to view the data.

4) Importance: Always check on automate threat search and fix it right away. It is always better to stay safe rather than having information stolen.