4 Reasons People Should Download Videos in 2018

2018 is a great year to start new changes and challenges. People wait for the beginning of each year to plan goals and objectives. The good part is everybody is motivated to set goals and purpose in January, but the bad part is people don’t focus and keep working on their goals during all the year. One of the reasons is some don’t have enough tools or process to maintain their motivation and keep moving forward.

For people who have goals related to study, more entertainments, exercising or videos editing, there is a good news, they can download some interesting videos from YouTube, Twitter or similar websites to keep working on their goals.

In this article, we are going to present you 4 reasons people may download videos online for their 2018 purposes.

People may download videos for Study

Nowadays, most of the study courses are online courses. There are lot of professional websites providing interesting free and paid courses online. You don’t have to go to classroom or meet your trainer, you can start right now and pay for some interesting stuff to push your knowledge to the next level. Fortunately, on YouTube you can find very good free courses either from academic institutes or from provide trainers, and download them for viewing offline.

If your goals include online or videos courses, you can use online downloaders to download the courses on your computer for offline watch.

People download entertainment videos to watch offline

Unlike many people may think, some people set their goals to have more joy and good mood in their life in this year. Many people work very hard, and get stressed all day during their 9 to 5 job. At home, they don’t have time to spend with their family watching television or movies since they continue to work either for themselves or for their corporate. If you set your goals to have more time with families and friends, and watching movies is one of your favorite spend time, so downloading movies and entertainment videos online could be an excellent option for you.

People download sports videos to watch offline

In YouTube, there are tons of videos showing how to work out, how to lift weight, how to fight and so. People who like gymnastic know very well this kind of videos that teach you online some techniques that you will never see in your gym. For those people who set goals to lose some number of pounds or strengthen themselves and their body, downloading videos will be a great option for them. So, they can download a certain number of training videos to watch on the gym on their smartphones.

People download videos for Reediting

Many videos professional or amateurs in YouTube use existing videos to reedit and repost online. If you are a video creator, probably you know this technique to compile scenes from multiple videos to create a brand new original video with sound and music included. Lots of videos posted in 2017 on YouTube use scenes from older videos posted in the same platform. So, 2018 will probably be one of those years where YouTube will be boosted with more videos in this kind. If your goal this year is to produce more videos like that, considering downloading videos may be a great help for you.


In conclusion, we see that people may need to download videos online for many reasons. This article lists 4 of those reasons that you may need to download videos online for getting to your goals. If you see yourself in one of these 4 reasons, you should try Saveting.com for your video downloads.

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