Smartphone penetration and Crowdfunding in India

When you make the process painless, donating is easier. This is what has made crowdfunding India the go-to way for individuals, nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses alike, to raise money for various causes, in an easy and efficient way. Smart phones have allowed for online giving, a concept where in donors and supporters can contribute to any campaign through an online portal using their phones, tablets, and laptops.

So here’s an interesting read on how smartphones have impacted the world of crowdfunding India .

Online giving is immediate

Online giving techniques such as crowdfunding are the quickest option out there as it allows donors to donate at their convenience, whenever and wherever they’re able to. This has benefited campaigner in that it has shortened the turnaround time for donations they receive. Moreover, mobile wallets have made the process even quicker and easier.

Collating donor information

When a person makes a contribution towards your cause through an online process, their contact details such as email IDs and phone numbers can be added to the campaigners database. This database can be used for fundraising communications for future initiatives that are crowdfunded for.

Personalized communications

Through online and mobile giving platforms, campaigners are able to send links to direct campaign pages, share videos, photos, GIFs, and personalised messages to potential donors. Personal reminders to make a donation, or calendar events can be created within seconds, ensure that the donor doesn’t overlook your campaign.

Quick process

A campaigner can add direct call-to-action buttons, which encourages the donor to donate at that very moment. Mobile wallets, direct transfers, and other such quick methods of payment have even encouraged the younger generations to contribute towards society. No longer would one have to write out a cheque and have it picked up or dropped off to the beneficiary.

It’s important that individuals, organizations, and nonprofits take advantage of the opportunities brought to them through digitization and technology. In doing so, you can ensure success for your crowdfunding India campaign.