Samsung Galaxy A8 Review

Compared to its peers in the A range, the new Samsung A8 has improved in both appearance and features. It is an upgrade in the A series of Samsung phones with a touch of durability and sleekness. Compared to the S series, the A8 gives a good experience at a lower cost.

The Advantage
It has an Infinity Display, first in the A series with 5.6 inch by 18.9-inch front, covering the whole front display, removing the home button. It has a fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone, just beneath the camera. Its screen is the AMOLED, quality build, bright and colourful display. It also offers additional colour themes used in photos and videos. The contrast is on point and sharpness is commendable.

The gadget has an improved processor with comparatively high clock speed, runs on Android 7, higher RAM capacity (4GB) and an internal storage of 32GB, upgraded to 256GB on microSD. The memory slots can be swapped without powering off the phone, essential in keeping the gadget on standby. The phone glass in curved on the front and back with metal bands on the sides.

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With a 5.0 Bluetooth, 11ac dual-band Wi-Fi, Cat 11LTE and a powerful GPS, this phone’s connectivity is top range on the A series family. The phone comes with a pre-installed Microsoft app Suite, Google and a fitness App. In addition, it has headphones, despite also having the USB-C port, which gives room for choice when listening to audio files. The phone has a battery capacity of 3,000mAh which roughly translate to one-day battery life. It also has a fast charging feature which improves its usability.

For selfie lovers, this is the best pick in the market. It has two front cameras 16 MP and 8 MP. The cameras have Live Focus which concentrate on the prime image and blurs the background. Switching on either camera gives the user multiple experiences on either camera, but the 16MP has a lot better features in comparison. The front camera works well in dim light. The back camera is 16MP with an f1.7 aperture, phase detection, and an LED flash. It uses the Bixby Vision technology which operates as a video assistant. It can scan barcodes and has geo-map feature; area sensitive technology that can give information associated with the image. For video recording, it films to 1080p with auto HDR, with video clarity and enhancing option incorporated. It gives the user a front camera panorama experience; to fit in more images in a single swipe. The phone is waterproof with an IP68 which gives a 30 minutes cushion in case of an immersion of 1.5 meters deep fresh water.

If someone was to choose the value for money in the Samsung family, the A8 would stand out. It is a mid-range phone with an exotic touch of the s-series family. It comes in black, grey, blue and golden colour and the price ranges from £354 to £449 depending on where you buy it.