Programming dynamic ads

For more installation we would have to make the ad dynamic and for the Liftoff will be providing you the platform in which along with the marketing of the mobile app designing for the its done in the way it will be compatible for all the devices with the different screen sizes and also it should support the various OS.

Also it automates the production of the ads programmatically which is being generated by the hundreds of personalized ads in real time is called as programmatic ad buying.

Why we have being making this


With the performance we mean that increase in the conversation after post installation and it will be up to 150-400 % increment from the current conversation and all this will be done by the Liftoff.


Here we will be making the personalization by the creating the advertisement and the automatically messaging the related audience refers to as the targeted audience and basically these audience can be both individual or the whole segment depending on the conversations..

Reduce design time

As behind this the major asset is our programmatic ad buying by this we will be making the modules which will already be designed so we donot have to design it manually hence reducing the design time.

Built in optimization

Here we will be having already optimized modules for the marketing and we donot have to do the testing manually so it will be fast.

Insights and learning

We will be analyzing the best working part of the ad and will be using it as tool for increasing more conversations.

High performing templates

We have already optimized the templates so we do not need to test it manually and make manual templates by using these for advertisement.