Why You Should Choose Contentmart for Online Writing Jobs?

Are you a freelance writer or a content writer? Are your disappointed because you do not get work on a regular basis? Do you want to explore a variety of niche in writing? Are you confused whether you will be paid after your content submission? If you said YES for all or any of the above question, we recommend you to check out Contentmart!

Best Place for Freelance Writers Freelance writers who want to work from home can choose to work through Contentmart. The site is regularly updated with new writing projects. You can explore a plenty of projects in just few scrolls. You get to see the project summary, client id and proposed price for every project when you click on ‘ALL ORDERS’ tab.

Quick Registration Method – There are many writing websites which allow you to register yourself as a writer through a long and complicated registration procedure. However, this is not the case with Contentmart. You can register yourself as a writer/client in just few minutes. Once your profile is created, you can sign up at the site and start bidding on the projects. You may keep adding newer things to your profile with time. Be it the knowledge of different languages, skills, areas of writing, etc. you can add the required elements by passing various proficiency tests.

Numerous Writing Assignments – When you are a writer at Contentmart, you need not worry about the writing assignments. Contentmart is never short of assignments . You just need to keep checking the site regularly so that you bid on time and get the project.

Most Trusted Payment Methods – Content writers or freelance writers can enjoy trusted payment methods at this site. You have to enter your account details once. Whenever you want to get the amount of work done in your bank account, you may press the ‘WITHDRAW’ button. You will receive a message in your email inbox stating that you have sent a proposal for withdrawing money. The payment gets processed in just few days.

No Limitation for Bidding on Projects – As a freelance writer, you might have checked various writing sites. Most of these sites charge tokens or money for bidding on the projects. But Contentmart does not charge anything from the writers to bid on various projects. You can bid on as many projects whenever you want! The only limitation is that when you have 5 ‘In progress’ projects, you cannot bid on other projects. The project under the ‘In progress’ tab are the one that have been awarded to you as a writer. This ‘not more than 5’ rules is also advantageous for writers. Obviously, you should first finish the ongoing writing projects before bidding on other projects.

Considering all the points described above, it can be concluded well that Contentmart is one-stop solution for freelance writers and content writers!