Why Do Companies Focus on Increasing Social Media Followers?

Having a social media following is very close to having a group of people that you can advertise to for free. This is why businesses looking to build up their brand name are always searching for ways to increase their followers on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The most valuable aspect to having followers is that these people have already qualified a business or product as something they are interested in. Any exposure they get is because they pretty much asked for it.

Each time business posts a new message, the followers will have that post advertised in their timeline. This means that your brand is constantly being exposed. Plus, as an added bonus the followers are being exposed without having to spend a huge marketing budget to reach such an audience.

The only cost a business has is the person creating the posts, maybe some design costs for the post images, and someone to keep track of the analytics. The company may also use paid ads to increase the number followers they have. Aside from this once someone that follows a business page will be exposed to posts for as long as that person remains as a follower.

Effectively, the main point here is that it is free to have people following your business. You don’t need to pay a social media company like Facebook to have X number of followers. Maybe the follower was gained via Facebook ads, but essentially the follower is free after the fee has been paid until that person unfollows the company page.

Obviously, the tactics the company uses to create and deliver posts will have an effect on the success of increasing the number of followers or maintaining the level of followers the business has.

What Tactics Do Companies Use to Take Advantage of Followers?

For example, if a company decides to send 3 posts per day, this might be because this number works for them. They have A/B tested their social media post strategy and figured out that they get the most sales via 3 posts per day. On the other hand, 3 posts per day could result in a decrease in followers. This leads us to another question.

Why Would a Company Experience a Decrease in Followers?

Sometimes people will grow tired of posts clogging up their timeline. If a social media user follows a company, then he/she will see their posts in their timeline. Too many posts could lead to the follower deciding that it is a pain in the ass having to scroll past these posts and unfollow the company.

A good example of this would be a travel company posting too many times per day. People generally don’t go on holiday every day. Therefore, they only want to see advertisements in their timeline every so often so they can keep an eye on the latest deals and prices. If they are not planning on going away for 6 months, and 3 or 4 travel posts are clogging up their timeline, then they may decide to unfollow the company.

On the other hand, a supermarket could get away with a few posts a day because groceries are a daily event. As a result, the person may want to know what the latest deals are on daily basis because he/she does not want to miss out on a bargain.

Overall, having followers on a business page is the perfect marketing gimmick. Followers costs nothing at all to host, and this means that any posts advertising the brand or product are free aside from the management costs. This kind of marketing exposure could cost a company thousands of dollars otherwise. Check out acheter des abonnés Instagram for more information on how to increase your followers – languages available are French, English, Italian, German, and more.

Making sure that the right amount of posts are submitted per day, week, or month is also very important. Too many and the company will stand the risk of losing followers and too little could reduce the number of sales and the amount of brand exposure.