What Are PTZ Security Cameras and Why Do You Need Them?

PTZ security cameras stand for Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. They are known to have several benefits when compared to the traditional cameras. Nowadays, most people are opting for PTZ cameras as they offer more flexibility along with an extremely simple installation procedure.

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand why you need to install PTZ cameras:

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  1. Large Field of View- PTZ cameras are capable of covering full 360 degrees and depend on the mounting location. Several models of PTZ cameras allow the users to customize several modes according to predetermined time and viewing angle. The pan as well as tilt of these cameras can be pre-programmed. They are ideal for places like parking areas and a single PTZ camera will substitute the use of multiple cameras.
  2. Security- PTZ cameras are more secure when compared to NVR cameras, which make them quite resistant towards Hikvison NVR backdoor. These cameras also have a rigid metal housing dome, which helps it to be tamper resistant.
  3. Motion Tracking- PTZ cameras come built with a feature that detects motion and can track a particular object or person. It automatically tilts, pans, zooms and follows that object or person. This is extremely beneficial in cases of theft or vandalism.
  4. Night Vision- All PTZ cameras have night vision and are capable of recording high quality images and videos in poor lighting conditions also. These cameras have small LEDs that emit infrared light. They also have a special IR filter for the lens of the camera. Both these features help the camera to capture great quality images even in dark.
  5. Weatherproof- PTZ cameras are designed in such a way that they can withstand harsh weather. They can withstand fluctuating temperatures and changes in the weather. They do not require frequent maintenance and are sturdier than many other cameras.
  6. Powerful Zoom- The zoom feature of PTZ cameras is quite good. It can clearly view an object or person who is standing many hundreds of feet away. For this reason, PTZ cameras are widely used in parks where they can be easily concealed and will be able to zoom in people and objects with ease.

All these great features of PTZ cameras make it really desirable and a great choice.