Top 8 snippet manager in 2020

There are many options for storing code snippets. Programmers and computer science students can use code notes. It is a good tool to organize all notes, code fragments, and new projects. Let’s look at eight interesting apps that allow you to store snippets and speed up your work.

Dash Code Snippets Manager

It’s an application that is suitable for many programmers and people who study different languages. This app supports many programming languages and allows you to store snippets locally. Also, it has integration with Dropbox and syntax highlighting. The application is comfortable and has a modern design.

SnipperApp 2

Programmers and computer science students must try SnipperApp 2. It’s a modern manager that has a stylish interface and supports more than 120+ programming languages. You can count on syntax highlighting and the display of invisible characters. It’s easy to store snippets locally. The app also supports iCloud & GitHub sync. Users can try this code snippet manager for free and use a reliable subscription.

Code Collector Pro

It is a well-known snippet manager that can search for systematization and use the clipboard to paste files. Here, you can store various projects and individual parts of the code to use them in the future. The application has a simple interface and an intuitive systematization of snippets.

Snippet Monkey

Snippet Monkey is an application designed to save snippets and edit individual fragments of code. Many convenient functions allow you to create files from the clipboard and share them quickly. It’s more reliable co make quick notes.


Technically, this snippet manager has the same features as many as described above. It is the place to save code blocks for editing and file sharing. CodeDogg server allows users to access code snippets on any device.

Code Bank

This snippet manager is made to create and store files. There is support for syntax and various programming languages. Users can access and view changes in any part of the code. It’s useful for programmers & computer science students.


It is a free tool for creating blocks of code; its fundamental difference from many analogs is the ability to create an unlimited number of snippets. The simple interface and lightweight of the utility allows you to install it on any Mac device. This option is suitable for many novice programmers who do not yet need a fully functional.

Snippet Manager

If you need simple functionality and the ability to store your snippets locally, this is a good option. Snippet Manager contains a list of essential functions and the ability to save a fragment in the Cloud for everyday access to the word of the latest revision to fix any problems.