The pain and struggles every chick faces for wearing pants that are way too tight

The undeniable charm of sleek looking pants is something every girl craves. But, you are accustomed to the problems that they bring along with the look that they give. So, today we will shed some light on the difficulties that tight pants cause.

There goes the button.

You try to sit down, and pop goes the button of your pants. Does that sound remarkably familiar to you? No matter where you are when this situation occurs there is entirely no way you can deal with it. So, why not give yourself a rest. You can’t go on with the day looking like a pole and walking like one. The embarrassment of your button opening can’t be honestly described.

Wave goodbye to your legs.

Do you ever wonder why your legs feel the way it does when you wear those body-hugging tight pants? The blood circulation of your body stops as the blood finds it hard to move through. Might sound scary but it is an true statement.

Trying to get somewhere?

Forget about reaching anywhere on time or maybe, get out of your home a couple of hours before because those pants are not going to let you move at a pace you want. So, forget reaching anywhere at a speed you want.

Be near a washroom.

It is nothing but a tremendous amount of pressure on your bladder. Tight-pants or in other words garment that will crush your bladder. Imagine what will happen if you are on a drinking spree with these pants on.

Time for the world to see your muffin top.

No matter what your size skinny jeans or extremely tight-pants will bring out that cute little belly of yours. So, get ready for the world to witness your tummy.

Take your time wearing and taking them off.

Oh, the pain! You are well aware of the positions that you have to be in to wear and take off pants that are too tight. Pull your tummy in, hold your breath, lie flat on the bed and raise your legs up in the air to fit that button. Now, comes the problem of taking them off after a long, hard day. Doesn’t it seem to like ripping off your layer of skin? The issues double if you are back from a party where you had way too much to drink.

Get ready for marks.

Those marks that you get when you leave your rubber band on the wrist of your hand well now it is the time to get them on your waist and inner thighs.

Pockets = Useless.

The pockets of your pants will now be just for show. The skin tight pants have no space to keep anything and if you somehow to manage to fit something be sure it will fall at the slightest bend.

Welcome the panty lines.

Denim is the one material that used to be panty-line safe but gone are those days as these skinnies make everything very prominent including those lines. Either go commando, wear a thong or that’s it.

Look at those feet.

Not that it should concern you but pay a closer look at your feet. Do they look bigger than they usually do? You have no one but your jeans to blame for that. It happens because the ankle size of the skin-tight pants are too small which inevitably makes the feet look more prominent. Some pants are so tight that it becomes practically impossible to get your feet out. That’s why the long gone trend of the ‘80s is back where there is a zipper at the bottom. Check out these styles at couponhub and enjoy the discounts, deals and offers they are throwing your way.

Welcome veins.

A common thing that women who wear skinnies face are the veins to appear on the surface of the skin. It is seen that a majority of women gave the varicose veins and it starts to worsen when you continue wearing tight pants for a longer duration of time.

You find it hard to be at ease.

That is what tight clothes do. They don’t have the breathability feature in them. If you want something that feels comfortable when you wear them then choose clothes that do fit well but at the same time don’t steal away your comfort.

Fashion is what we all are crazy about but don’t be so blindsided by things that cause you more pain than comfort. Welcome comfort in your life and style will automatically come your way.