Text Content vs. Video Content: Which is better in 2019?

Video marketing is receiving worldwide attention these days for a lot of reasons. Although it may be more difficult to create than text content, it could be more effective in some instances. Both text content and video content have their benefits.

With more than a billion active sites on the internet today, it’s important to take advantage of both of these outlets. People are still using Google to find data, but they are also looking for video on YouTube and Facebook as well.

Which one is more important in today’s marketing world?

Attention grabbing

If you are looking to captivate your audience or draw their attention, it’s obvious which medium to use. Video content has a way of dragging people into things. For most people viewing a page, video content will drag their attention much better than test contents. The current audience is not patient enough to take their time to read a text content.

The eyes are constantly attracted to movements. Naturally, people will be more attracted to a graphics banner than some generic texts. In fact, they may fail to notice the tests when they are scrolling. But with video graphics,  it’s almost impossible for the eye to miss any high quality graphics video on a page. So, if you’re looking to attract your audience, a video content is the right way to go.

Better engagement

If you are looking to draw out emotional responses and strike deep connection, a video content is the right way to go. There are ways that short one minute video can interpret information that a whole book cannot.  If you are looking to engage your audience more, a video will do that better than texts. It sinks better in the memory than texts. This makes them a better marketing strategy for those who want to attract customers and improve their brand performance.

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Creating a memorable content

People who watch videos are more likely to remember the information within the video than those who just read the information. The retention level for video content is much higher than that of texts.  While viewers will only retain about 10% of text message, it is about 90% for video message.  In essence, video contents draw out better emotions from the audience than text contents.  If your audience is able to remember your contents, it will be easier to communicate them in future.

The only area where test based content may be better is on the functionality of the site. Sites with lesser video contents tend to load faster than text based contents.  This will be an important criterion if you are in a niche so many marketers are competing for space and time.

But even at that, there are lots of programs that can help to significantly reduce the load time of sites with many video contents. For instance, Youtube and Netflix are both video content sites, but no one will say they are slow.


So many internet and social media users don’t have the time to read a lot of texts online. But a minute video can do a lot of things that a thousand words will not. That is where the power of video content comes in. It is more captivating and draws out emotions from the readers. Videos produce better reaction from the audience than test based contents. Although they are more difficult to produce, they are certainly worth the time and resources if you consider their benefits.