Samsung Tests Batteries: ValueMags

ValueMags is marketing agency for magazines and magazine publishers based out of Chicago, Illinois. The company is especially excited about all the new partnerships and magazine they just signed on. One of the many, which they cannot release the nam of yet, is a news magazine that has weekly issues. The internationally known magazine covers some of the biggest stories in the world and has a very unique qua of presenting. A lot of the articles they publish not only comment on news stories but the reality of the news stories and how the media portrays them.

Value researchers really enjoyed how the magazine publishers wrote about the Samsung Note 7 scandal. Every media in the world was covering this scandal. Wha the media portrayed was that Samsung was releasing phones that were explosive and the company should be sued by those individuals that suffered from it. The reality is however that only a handful of cases were reported where the phone heated up and only a couple of those cases where reported to have the phones actually catch on fire. At no point did a Samsung Note 7 phone explode nor did it take anyones life. The issue with the media is that they only report parts of stories explains ValueMags researchers. ValueMags and the given magazine publishers understand that it was not Samsung that had the faulty pats, it was their battery providers. Granted, whatever the company puts out, they are responsible for. An issue though is that if the company did runs tests on the phones, why was the batteries used during production faulty? Is it possible that the battery providers were not being honest about the quality and safety of the batteries they were providing?

Individuals can be so heavily influenced by media. It is important in today’s society of limited information to dig for knowledge. In some cases, explains ValueMags executives, media on shows half of the story. Find out more and join the discussion at ValueMags blog.