Quick Stop of the Run: How the Mileage Filter Works

Progress does not stand still — the complex services for stopping the run have been replaced by a device that any car enthusiast can handle independently. A Mileage Stopper fits just behind the dashboard. Moreover, there is no need to solder wires when connecting.

The principle of operation of the device is to control the mileage when the vehicle is moving. First of all, the filter acts as a part that blocks the speedometer readings in favor of the set mode. You can stop the run in whole or in part — you choose the method yourself. The unquestionable advantage of the device is that it does not pose any danger to the operation. The use of the blocker does not imply intervention in the system and does not cause errors in the electronics process.

Features of the blocker

The freezer has several modes of operation, a full stop mode, a run deceleration mode. The standard button performs the process of changing ways on the steering column turn signal switch. Installation takes no more than 20 minutes can be achieved by absolutely any user:

  • For example, 70% of mileage is filtered in the run deceleration mode.
  • There can also be 80% of mileage filtered.
  • In full-stop mode, mileage is not counted at all.

Advantages of the device

The use of a filter has several advantages:

  • Any errors in electronic units and systems can be eliminated. There is no impact on the ECU, which means that there are no prerequisites for the appearance of DTCs. The odometer stop device does not conflict with other systems.
  • You can avoid disagreements about the mileage on the car and at the dealer. You will be sure that when checking the vehicle through a dealer, there will be no questions about the originality of the run.
  • You can save a lot. Having spent money to purchase this device once, you will not need to pay for odometer winding services for each car sale.

How to install

To install the device for stopping the speedometer, you do not need to cut, solder or otherwise alter anything. It connects standardly behind the dashboard. Detailed installation instructions are included.

You can install the device behind the dashboard. Therefore, it cannot be detected. In addition, dealer scanners do not see the traces of the interference because the device is a passive element and does not generate any signals.

Enabling and disabling the odometer stop is performed using standard buttons. To do this, you have first to press the BC button located on the left steering column switch, then the mode button on the steering wheel. You can turn the device on and off while the vehicle is on the road or stands still. With such a device, you can operate your odometer in any way you want.