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Water racing in Grand Theft Auto 5 

The water scooter couldn't just disappear from later GTA releases after originally appearing in Vice City Stories part. It was also not overlooked by the developers throughout the production of the fifth part. Furthermore, the creators even have planned competitions using this type of water transportation. To complete the game, the player must compete in four water races. To be clear, all you have to do to complete the mission is pick one of the rewards. However, few people enjoy being not in the first place. As a result, in order to properly prepare for the competition and take the place of the favorite, the player should first become acquainted with the basis of these activities.

First, understand the concepts of water racing games:

  • Remember that you must not allow your hero to die or his vehicle to be damaged throughout the race.
  • Weapon use is not permitted.
  • If possible, the player may cut corners, however, some missions don’t allow this.
  • Try all you can to keep your competitors behind you.
  • Collisions are permitted, but strikes on opponents are not.
  • Keep a constant speed, keep up, and do not drift in curves.
  • Even if you are being overtaken, do not worry. As a general rule, if you remain cool and move as quickly as possible, you will undoubtedly win a prize. Furthermore, no one is stopping you from trying again.

After completing the Hood Safari story quest, you may begin water racing for entertainment. The core of the mission is the heroes' escape from the police on water scooters, which they will steal straight during the filming of the local MC's music video. Following races, like every other leisure activity, will be available after successfully completing the prior ones. To start a jet ski race, go to the map icon with the racing flag and anchor.

Climb aboard a free water scooter upon arriving. It is worth not try to use the devices already with drivers since this will cause the remainder of the race participants to panic and leave. However, it's not a problem if you accidentally took someone else's jet ski. All you have to do now is go away from the starting location and wait for the race shortcut to reappear on the map. Return to the location, board the jet ski, and push the specified button!

You can floor it from the start here, as well as in other races (cars and bikes) if you apply the following instructions correctly: do not hit any keys before or during the countdown. Wait for the Forward sign and then quickly push the gas pedal. If you accomplished everything correctly, you will see that your screen glows bright green and your hero's vehicle accelerates forward.

Moreover, there is an additional secret to jet ski racing. On the sea, it is quite easy to knock down your competitors. It only takes a small poke to someone else's jet ski to send the driver flying out of the saddle. The most important thing is to stay afloat on your own. Also, be cautious when passing through large waves and abrupt curves. Swim away from cliffs and beaches as much as possible.