Nurturing Your SEO

Success with SEO is not something that can be conjured up overnight so when you talk to an SEO expert they will often talk about a long term project.

This is not because they’ll dawdle but because even the most competitive search terms can take six months or so to gain top rankings.

A less competitive phrase may take a couple of months but getting Google or any of the other search engines to rank you on a high page in the listings cannot be achieved instantly. Page one placement takes time.

Chances are that the keywords you choose for your business are the same keywords that Google experts will already be using on your business rival’s sites so your company will be fighting for supremacy.

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Plus, if these companies are well established and have links to other websites this will make them stronger. You may not have good links at the start of the process so this is another line of attack for experts improving your rankings.

Don’t forget that when a search is made on Google or any other engine the search is just on that search engine and not the entire internet so that’s another reason it takes a while.

SEO experts also do a great deal of work, it isn’t simply a case of dropping in a keyword and letting it gain popularity. SEO is like helping a plant to grow to full strength and beauty, there is a lot of tender loving care involved on the client’s behalf.

There are no clearly defined rules for what will work regarding SEO so if you try to engineer your own placement then you may have little joy.

Google experts like The Wysi Partnership in Reading appreciate that there isn’t a “how to” manual but they have experience so they know instinctively if a search term, keyword or link is likely to work to its maximum potential.

They also have insider knowledge as SEO experts of what the search engine owners are encrypting, disallowing and penalising. Vital information. That’s why you need SEO experts!

Normal keyword research consists of finding the important areas and then the pertinent search terms, ones which are most common in your company and field plus the location.

Remember that clients will often be geographically specific when they make a search so they only see results in their area. The keywords are words or phrases that potential customers would use.

For example, in a heavy jargon industry asking the question about whether a client would use the jargon could significantly lessen the importance of keywords that you may have considered great at the start of the process.

e.g. The search for “Flights Heathrow to Newark” if you work in the travel industry could be typed as this: “LHR/EWR” because airports have unique codes but how many of your searchers would use this to find their flights and ultimately you?

Trust SEO experts to bring success, it saves in-house time and resources.