Magento 2 Development is one of the open source e-commerce management systems

Magento e-commerce management system was released in 2008. In 2011, it was acquired by eBay Inc.

After that in 2018, this CMS was completely acquired by Adobe Inc.

On matengo development nearly 200,000 websites.

MS Magento and how it is useful for e-commerce?

Magento is one of the open source e-commerce management systems. It can be called an online store builder. This is a professional solution for creating powerful online stores.

About three thousand extensions (modules) have been released by third-party developers of this system. For your understanding, the existing large community in various forums consists of over 375,000 members.

At the moment, Adobe Inc has released a version of the Magento 2 builder, which replaced the first versions of the CMS.

The platform itself has a powerful yet scalable architecture. By using it, you can be sure that you will never have a situation where the Development Magento System becomes too small for your business. Аt any stage of business development, your online store will match it. You can easily scale your website to be up to your business needs.

The scalability of the platform allows you to increase the capabilities of your site and meet all business needs.

With Magento 2 Development, we create eCommerce websites that have high performance and support the ability for fast scalability. Based on business needs, it's possible to add additional features with the help of powerful Magento extensions.


What features does Magento have?

Magento 2 CMS provides the following features for your online store:

  1. Faster website loading thanks to PHP 7 support. Magento 2 processes about 10 million page views per hour.

  2. High performance. You can upload hundreds of thousands of products to an online store on Magento 2.

  3. Ability to create and manage multiple sites on one platform.

  4. Multilingual sites.

  5. Fraud protection thanks to the use of the Signifyd service. Using Signifyd allows you to verify the identity of the client. And the fact that the card with which they pays for the purchase is not stolen or copied by someone

  6. Implementation of PWA technology, which allows you add a PWA storefront to a website.

  7. A functional and at the same time admin dashboard of the site. Business owners can look up extended reports on purchases, orders, customers, etc. Reports can be generated in the form of graphs. This allows you to quickly analyze store data and the state of the business at the moment. It is possible to classify orders by regions, by dates, by their statuses.

  8. For your customers, Magento provides convenient and fast online shopping. This has a very positive effect on store profits.

  9. Multistore support. You can now manage multiple stores, interact with suppliers, leasing companies, keep track of stock balances, interact with customer requests. All these features are implemented in Magento 2

Of course, such development Magento platform capabilities require powerful hosting and high professionalism of employees. But on the other hand, you will always be sure that your online store always matches the time, your requirements and the desires of your customers! Try it and move on with your customers!