How Smart Construction Personal Protective Equipment Saves Lives

Smart PPE is slowly taking over the construction industry, and it’s definitely having a considerable impact positively. In fact, we’re going to discuss how smart construction personal protective equipment saves lives.

Protecting the Head and Body

In the construction zone, some workers have to deal with electricity. To ensure their safety, the use of hard hats is significant. Hard hats work great in protecting employees from penetration hazards, impact hazards, and electrical hazards.

Best of all, if these hard hats have sensors, it would automatically send the warning to those who are in charge whenever there’s an accident or something unusual is going on.

Let’s also not forget that there are a lot of conditions on the job site where the use of full body protection, such as a safety vest , aprons, safety helmets, and the like are necessary. Dangerous chemicals, extreme temperatures, hot liquids, and impact hazards related to the use of machinery and tool could put the lives of the workers in danger.

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For that reason, the material used to make PPE should be able to withstand hazards. For instance, leather or fire-resistant cotton may be advisable for workers who have to work near open flames. Likewise, a tightly woven fabric is perfect for those who are prone to getting cuts due to moving sharp materials.

Eye and Face Protection

Hard hats would be saving you from impacts, but you shouldn’t forget to protect your eyes and face as well. This is where the use of smart goggles, spectacles, and full face shields are highly recommended. It offers the protection you need not only for your face but eyes as well. These equipment are also designed to protect the wearer while they’re working with dangerous tools and chemicals.

Being Responsible for Your Safety

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, smart PPE could really protect your body. That’s if, you’re going to use it properly. However, if it’s ill-fitting chances are, it wouldn’t be able to serve its real purpose. That’s why it’s essential for construction managers to ensure that the workers are using and wearing their PPE the way it should be.

Selection Criteria

Aside from choosing the right PPE for your workplace, it’s also important to choose the right type of PPE for your workplace and ensure that you pick the one within the category to address the hazards present. There are different levels of protection for PPE wearables and being part of the construction industry, you should familiarize yourself with what these are.

Indeed, the world is changing rapidly. As we become more modernized, the need for smart personal protective equipment also increases. In the construction industry, the use of intelligent wearables is definitely something that wouldn’t only improve overall efficiency, but save lives as well.

Too many accidents happen in the construction site each year, and the most usual cause is the absence of PPE. Smart PPE is designed to protect the workers from the risk present at the construction site, and the more modern they are, the better protection they offer.