GWC Valve International: Performance Management and Process

The GWC Valve International company needs to really look into performance management of their employees in order to continue having productive employees and a successful output from this. Performance management is all activities related to improving an employee’s performance and this truly does affect the business as a whole. If you do not have productive employees then your business will suffer and this is the employer’s fault if they aren’t giving their employees performance evaluations. The reason why performance evaluations are important is because when you give employees feedback, it motivates them to meet a certain goal and increases their productivity. When to give performance evaluations depends on the employer; you can give one every 3 months, every 6 months or every year and even offer training programs. How to give a performance evaluation depends since there are two forms including the management by objective and the likart scale. The performance evaluation is normally a 360-degree evaluation meaning the employee will receive feedback from a manager, peers, customers and even suppliers. A performance evaluation is normally given in an office that is quiet and it is always done in private.

There is a process to performance management which starts off by first defining the performance expectations and goals, second is providing ongoing feed back and coaching, third is conducting a performance appraisal and evaluation discussions, fourth is determining performance rewards and consequences, and last is conducting development and career opportunities discussions. For any performance management to actually work well, it is important that it is always a formal, written piece of documentation and it always has to be structured with the same questions asked to each employee. A handout is a good example of a performance management system so that the employee can actually see what the employers and everyone working around them sees about their work ethic and quality in order to be able to motivate themselves to get better.