Forward Thinking: What Will Matter In SEO For 2019?

The new year is fast approaching and for online marketers, this means that it will be a new year of different strategies to employ for DC SEO. Search engine optimization is a rapidly changing landscape and ideas that may be effective right now may not actually work in the next year. It is important that you keep up with the pace of the chances to ensure that you stay in relevancy. Adapting to the changes presented by different search engine platforms will ensure that you continuously gain visits through search engines without the hassle of having to try and rank back up just because the strategy you employed became outdated.

Prioritize Mobile

Mobile is becoming the more dominant means of browsing the internet. In early 2018, Google announced that they’ve started migrating websites to mobile-first indexing. This means that your search engine ranking is going to greatly suffer if you do not have a mobile version. As long as you are targeting both mobile and desktop users efficiently, you will not feel the full brunt of this massive change as it continuously rolls out. Besides, mobile-friendliness should be prioritized due to the convenience that it brings to readers especially those that are on the go. Someone who can conveniently browse your website on their phone will most likely not look it up on the desktop.

Get Rid of Bloat Content

Page speed is the priority for many search engines now. Google, for example, lets you analyze the speed of your page through their PageSpeed Insights tool. It has a list of basic things that you can change on your website to ensure that it loads as fast as possible. Most adjustments are relatively easy to do such as the removal or the compression of images. There are also other things such as the implementation of more technical features for your website that you can implement for DC SEO. You can ask the advice of your SEO provider as to what the next move can be to remove the content that doesn’t serve any other purpose than to bloat the page size.

Make Visitors Watch

Attention span is becoming a rare commodity on the internet nowadays. People are fast to scroll to the next thing as soon as they get bored with what they are staring at. Research shows that the average internet browser is easy to get bored so it is important that you hook them with something that can stimulate at least two senses: videos. When you have a video on your website, they will have to watch and are more likely to plug in earphones to listen to the video if it is engaging enough. When they commit the time that they have on the video, they are more likely to browse around the website as well to see what else they can consume from it.

In conclusion, it is important to look at the different strategies that you can employ for DC SEO to make sure that you stand out. You should also look towards other things such as voice searching and user data protection when thinking ahead.

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