EMV Upgrades With Other Key Features Of AW584EMVAP Access Point

While talking about IDSU and its EMV upgrades , you might want to learn more about the secure access point for wireless forecourt. This is the primary integration in this in-dispenser unit, which helped the company to gain UL safety certificate straight from MET Laboratories. The main aim of this access point is to offer wireless networking connection to all the nearby fuel dispensers. It has secure managed switch inside the unit for connecting to some of the added fuel center items like forecourt controller, POS Systems and more. AW584EMVAP is the main of that secure access point, designed to gain more business for this company for sure.

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Understand the unit interface:

The unit interface is directly associated with some of the major retail POS systems and major fuel dispensers. It comprises of ample bandwidth for some premium forecourt services. Some examples are interactive or video based customer engagement. The wireless solution from AvaLAN Wireless in-dispenser unit helps in offering PCI and EMV Compliancethese days. Furthermore, the services comprise of high bandwidth forecourt enhancements, set for tomorrow. IN one kit, you are likely to receive the AW584EMVAP access point, a mounting kit, AW power supply and AW POE based Ethernet injector for help.

More on the features:

There are some key features related to AW584EMVAP, which makes it a great access point among so many options available. This segment comprises of plug and play version of wireless Ethernet with ample bandwidth for some HD media support services, which is 300 MBPS. It is EMV complaint for ensuring secure forms of payment transactions and PCI Complaint encrypted protocol. You can further procure network segmentation with secure payment on isolated secure platform. You are free from any downtime or digging, which is great. Furthermore, the strong outdoor enclosure is likely to meet the IP66 standard, making is tough and durable.