Discussion on Cloud Based Technology and Cloud Based Services

A cloud based service is made available to the users with the help of the Internet. The service is made available from the service provider’s servers.

Cloud-Based Technology

The cloud service provider provides clients, customers with resources using the Internet. There are important characteristics of cloud services and they include elasticity and self-provisioning. Customers availing a cloud service can use the services in an on-demand basis, shut down the services when they are no longer required. Customers who subscribe to cloud based services do so under a monthly billing arrangement. Cloud based services are useful for organizations as it allows organizations to access storage, software, do computations, access other IT infrastructure items without the need for maintaining or upgrading them.

Different Types of Cloud-Based Services

More and more IT companies are using cloud services. They are using SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. More information about these cloud based services is provided as follows:-

In the context of SaaS, it is software distribution model. With SaaS, the service provider hosts applications and the hosted applications are made available to the customers using a network like the Internet. Examples of SaaS include G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 etc.

PaaS refers to delivering system software, related services using the internet. It does not involves downloads or installation. This approach allows the customers to create as well as deploy applications without making investments in the infrastructure. Common examples of PaaS include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.

With IaaS, equipment is outsourced and the outsourced equipment is used to support operations like hardware, storage, servers and components of networking. All these are made available to the customers using a network. Common examples of IaaS include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, etc.

Comparison between Public and Private Cloud-Based Services

Public cloud-based services are made available to more than one customer using the internet. The SaaS, IaaS and PaaS provide public cloud based services. On the contrary, private cloud services use approaches and technologies that are associated with public clouds (self-service, virtualization). However, it is important to say that private cloud based services run on an organization’s own infrastructure and are dedicated to internal users instead of more than one external user.

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