Discovering the art of photography

Photography is an art in itself. It is all about capturing moments with your camera or camcorder. In old times it was really difficult to capture image in its real form. But with the innovation in science and technology, the cameras are also innovated and their performance has also been improved. In modern times, there are many types of photography that you can do with your camera, though you might need some additional camera accessories to capture the photographs. There are many kings of photography that you can do. Some of them are highlighted below.

Action photography: It is the most hardest and requires special type of camera to capture all the action that is happening in the real time. This type of photography is done in movies or in many sporting events where there is a lot of movement. This type of photography is only focused on the athlete, or the main person, the background is kept blurred so that most of the focus is on the main person.

Aerial photography: As the name suggests these types of photography is usually done from a higher altitude or with an elevated angle from a higher point. Most of the shots are captured either from a helicopter for with the help of a drone. Most of the shots are taken from a higher building or from a bridge or a mountain.

Underwater photography: Underwater photography is also very popular these days. Under water view is always rewarding and provides special effect while capturing photographs. You will need water proof camera for this task. Now days most of the digital camera manufacturing companies are making water proof cameras that you can use for your underwater capturing purpose. Underwater photography is hard to do as it requires a lot of practice and breathe holding capacity.