Buying a New or Replacement Downstem for a Water Pipe

You may have bought a new water pipe (also known as bong), and need a new or replacement downstem. Whatever the reason knowing the size required will make it easier for it to fit into the water pipe nicely. This is an important part for your bong to work smoothly and will make smoking cannabis more enjoyable. You may also want to choose between a downstem that has a diffuser on the end of it or one that does not have one. A matter of personal choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Continue reading below to find out more about downstems.

Sizes Most Used

Most of the common and popular sizes available are 14mm and 18mm diameter. While they may be some stores online that may offer other sizes, these two mentioned above are the ones most used for bongs. A ruler can be used if unsure of what size is needed. Measure the diameter of the inside opening where the downstem goes into. A dime can also come in handy if no measuring device is available. The dime will fit into an 18mm size opening but not a 14mm one. You will also choose a length size which can be anywhere from three to six and a half inches commonly for glass ones. Other sizes may be available.

Another quality material used for downstems is aluminum. These aluminum ones are also adjustable in length. They are durable and are quite aesthetically pleasing. The body is non-stick and various colors are offered. Here are more features on these impressive downstems.

Aluminum Downstem

A great addition to the downstem family are the aluminum metal ones, made of aircraft grade aluminum using the latest machining technology. This pretty awesome aluminum downstem is unbreakable. Making it a smart investment for savvy smokers. It is also sleek looking and comes with three diffusers including 18/18mm joint and an 18/14mm low profile one. They should fit snugly into 14mm and 18mm water pipes. The length can be adjusted from 2.5” – 8.5”, and are also easy to clean. How is that for saving some of them hard-earned bucks?

More to Know About Downstem Choices

In most cases, buyers will have an idea of the type of downstem they want to purchase, while some may want to see what other options are available. Whether glass or aluminum it helps to buy from a trusted seller that carries a good variety of high-quality downstems.

Find a wide variety of quality made downstems at Everything you want to know about this crucial part of the smoking experience can be found here including other information -such as male or female joints in the downstems and diffusion styles available. The options vary but can make your purchase a smooth one and the product you end up with of high-quality. The more informed you become, the more money and time you will save. This makes for a satisfied purchase and happy customer. Avoid the frustration, and enjoy your smoke to the fullest.