6 Reasons Magento Is the Best Pick for Your eCommerce Site

Magneto is amongst the most popular web development platforms, and the backbone of many small and big e-commerce companies listed on the internet. With this open source eCommerce platform, you can build functional and secure businesses in no time. Furthermore, magento development offers high-level of plasticity to coders, and it is also easy to operate. The best part of magneto platform- the shopping carts are easy to navigate for your website customers. These carts have powerful backend control panel that offers flawless functionality. Magento web development makes it a breeze to manage products, payments, catalogue monitoring, shipping, order management, and any SEO marketing facilities. Check the top six reasons to go with magento for eCommerce development:

  1. Performance guaranteed

A survey suggests, 35% of shopping cart get abandoned thanks to high page loading time. But, with magneto, this may not be the case, as it supports the latest PHP version- minimizing and bundling JavaScript, advanced browser caching for static data, images compression, and more to lower the page loading time. All you need to hire the right magento development company to prevent your visitors from walking out of your site without making a purchase.

  1. Better Control over Your Store

With magneto, comes a simplified admin panel that allows you to navigate all parts of the admin panel. Find the information you want and manage the entire set of merchandises, settings, and customer’s data. Furthermore, you can keep a tap on the customer’s demand, inventory, and delivery using your mobile phone.

  1. Better Business Insight

With magneto dashboard, get 36o overview of your store performance: average orders, last orders, top search items, check lifetime sales. This will allow you as an owner to better cope with demand and serve your customers. Plus, the compliances can be met more easily than ever before, details of revenue tax, shipping, and quantity just a click away.

  1. Product Listing Is Easy

Magneto platform offers new step-by-step product listing tool, which makes it easy for you to add new categories and product to your store. Also, make the products listing appealing to your potential customers by adding relevant images and videos to improve conversion rate.

  1. Brag More about Your Product

You can remove and add columns to the customer’s management grid or orders, easily from the admin panel. Since, the product can be imported easily in the file format of your choice, facilitating your buyers to get the information you need in a quick and easy way.

  1. Get Regular Reports on Your Performance

The Magneto platform aids you to easily track your ecommerce business performance over a period; look for loopholes, right in the sales channel, customer engagement, to conversations, and take necessary steps to get them sorted out. Compare sale performance of your sale campaigns to make out what is best for you.

To avail the perks of magento development for your eCommerce site, hit the right offshore magneto agency. Internet reviews and business friend’s recommendations will be a great help to breathe life into your venture.