6 Awesome Examples of How Companies are Using AR and VR for more Engaging Events

AR stands for Augmented Reality. Whereas VR is an acronym for Virtual Reality. Both of these technologies are different from each other. AR is the technology to add a digital view to the real world. On the other hand, VR is the technology to create a 3 Dimensional imaginative or virtual world around a person so that he assumes himself as a part of it.

In this article, we have listed 6 examples of How Companies are Using AR and VR for more Engaging Events.

Augmented Reality in gaming

Today, the AR technology has been used by many gaming industries. The most popular example of the technology in the field of gaming is the Pokémon Go. Have a look at some of the statistics of the Pokémon Go:

  • Crossed 650 million downloads.
  • About 80% of iOS users who use In-App purchases are playing the game.
  • Around 5 million daily active users globally.
  • Apple store ratings – 3 Stars.
  • Ratings on Google play Store – 4.2 Stars.

AR in Google Maps

Google is planning to launch a virtual assistant in its application Google maps. This virtual assistant is named as an Augmented Fox by the Google. The fox will help the users in navigating the correct direction.


IKEA is a well-known furniture brand. IKEA has launched its own AR app. This will save its customers’ time and boost their experience. The AR App of IKEA offers the best way of shopping for furniture online. It lets customers can check the products in all the dimensions in the 3D view. Another benefit of the AR app is customers can place the products virtually at the desired place in their home. This lets them know the exact space requirements.


Lacoste has developed the LCST AR app. Using this app, the users can try different shoes virtually. Lacoste has included the different styles of shoes on its app. After trying the shoes virtually, customers can buy the shoes which best match with their dressing sense.

American Apparel

A well-known clothing brand, American Apparel uses AR technology to boost its customer experience. On the app of American April, the customers can try clothing virtually. In this way the app lets customers purchase the clothing of their choice.


Sephora is another brand which has developed the Augmented Reality app. Sephora is one of the popular cosmetics brands. On the AR app of this brand, users can use the cosmetics products in their virtual image.

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