5 things you should before selling your iPod

If you have your old iPod lying in the drawers, then you might consider selling it and get some money out of it rather than letting it gather dust in a drawer. If you are planning to sell iPod , so you can get a good price then you must know these 5 things that we are going to list down in this article.

  1. Know the model details of your iPod

The model of the iPod will have a great impact on your sale and therefore it is very important to know what model you are selling and how much storage capacity thus it had. There are lots of model of iPods and here are the top 5 most common types of iPod.

  • Classic: – The classic iPod has a screen and scroll wheel that takes half of the front.
  • Mini: – It is just the smaller version of Classic iPods.
  • Nano: – This Model was smaller and had a less widebody than mini.
  • Shuffles: – This iPod is screen-less iPods
  • Touch: – This was full-screen iPods and the fully operated by touch screen and that’s why it tends to look like iPhones.

Know the Storage Capacity

You need to find out the storage capacity found in the ABOUT section of the iPod’s SETTINGS. For shuffle iPod, you need to plug in your device into a computer or a laptop to know the storage details.

After knowing iPod type, generation, and storage capacity and now it’s time to prepare it for sale.

  1. Check the working Condition of your iPod

Plug in your headphones and check by playing two to three songs. Also check the working of the scroll wheel, buttons, and switches etc. Know whether you can transfer the songs from computer or laptop to your device or not. So that you can know whether the storage is working as it is supposed to be.

  1. Erase all the data from your iPod

It is very important to erase all the songs from your iPod so that you can bring back the iPod to its default state. You can reset the iPod, go to the settings and you will find reset option. In case of Shuffle iPod, you can reset it by plugging into the computer.

  1. Collect your ear buds and Box

Try to collect all the original accessories that you got with the iPod box. You can get some good money if you have original box and earbuds of iPod.

  1. Find the Appropriate Place to Sell

There are numerous places to sell your old iPod including eBay and Craigslist. Take the good snapshot of your iPod and post it one the selling sites with perfect description. You can also trade in your iPod and get some good cash back. There are many quick and easy trade-in sites available online. You can get a quote by uploading the details of your iPod before selling it.