3 Ways Left-Handed Gamers Can Play PC Games Comfortably

Console gaming has been great for left-handed players thanks to the versatility and ability to map out controllers. In the world of PC gaming, the technology has not adapted as well. Even if you are left-handed, you have the ability to customize your computer and make it a lot easier to play with your dominant hand. Use this guide to prepare your computer and easily enjoy all types of games like first-person shooters.

Left Handed Keyboards

A number of computer games utilize the keyboard for actions, movements, and quick-button pressing. For left-handed players, the arrows and number pad are naturally located on the right side of the keyboard. This can be a huge challenge and make it uncomfortable while playing. A solution to this is the purchase of a left-handed keyboard. These keyboards are purposefully mapped out and designed for left-handed players. One of the biggest differences with these keyboards is the moving the arrow keys to the left side. This allows you easily press the arrows and number pad for various games. In a first-person shooter, having quick access to the number pad can make it easy to change weapons, access extras, and change settings.

The gaming keyboards can also be purchased with a variety of extras including light-up keys, wrist grips, and adjustable heights for more comfort. All of these elements will offer you a great gaming experience.


As a left-handed gamer, you may find that right-handed PC gamers are a little faster on aiming, shooting, and controlling the mouse. This is because of the natural advantage that comes with using a mouse with the right hand. You probably grew up using a mouse with your right hand, but it can still hinder your ability to shoot and aim accurately when you’re so used to doing it with your left hand.

One way to help with this problem is by purchasing a gaming hack known as the Aimbot. Available exclusively from https://www.iwantcheats.net/, the hack technique is available for multiple games and allows you to automatically aim on targets. The hack has been made available for games like Star Wars Battlefront, the Battlefield series, Doom, Wacthdog, and Call of Duty. Along with top-selling games, it’s also available for dozens of additional games.

The Aimbot is built automatically into the game code and can recognize the enemies on your screen. When an enemy is located, a box will appear around them and you will have access to excellent accuracy no matter what type of weapon you are using. As a left-handed player, you can save a lot of time and physical ache by utilizing the Aimbot. Once the Aimbot is purchased and installed, it will automatically apply to the games. This will make it a lot easier to control characters and actions without needing to upgrade all of the extra accessories that you own.

USB Controllers

If you’re looking for more ways to play PC games comfortably, then you can consider purchasing USB controllers. USB controllers like the Xbox 360 controller are completely compatible with a majority of computer games. It can provide you with an easy way to ditch the mouse and keyboard and play as comfortably as you can. USB controllers have quick reaction time and will still work with other things like Aimbot downloads.

You do not have to sacrifice your PC gaming skills just because you are left-handed. Use one or more of these methods as you plan out your future gaming.